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Cash For Cars Gold Coast

Convert Old, Unwanted, Used or Abused Cars, Trucks, 4×4 and Commercial into $350 – $10 000 CASH Today

BONUS $50 Voucher with all Local Purchases

On the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs there is a High demand for getting Cars Removed for Free. Thats because tow trucks can cost an absolute fortune to hire, and the cost to simply have your car transported to the mechanic for repair can outweigh the value of the car entirely. 

able to be spent in store*
Cars Removed for Free

Battling the Foreign Export Market

Consider Australian Locals First! Selling your car to foreign merchants often means your car will be sent overseas and outside of the Australian Economy. This makes it hard for the average Australian individual to source car parts. Before you sell your car to a export business, think about the impact it may have on the local industry! 

Using Southport Wreckers Instead you are:
  • Selling your car to a Greater Cause
  • Helping keep the Australian Economy flourishing
  • Contributing to the Local Spare Parts Market
  • Selling to Australian Citizens. 
  • Receiving a $50 Appreciation Voucher
  • Receiving personalised support
  • Keeping it Aussie! 
  • Receiving the Highest Cash Payout’s + Get your Cars Removed for Free
Southport Wreckers

Cars Removed for Free

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Cash for Cars Gold Coast

Historical Cash for Cars Payouts:

Southport Wreckers are able to pay the Most Cash + Cars Removed for Free because we are predominantly a dismantler! This means that we have an extra avenue of income, allowing us to not only recycle the car body, but the car parts also! Cars Removed for Free

Cash for Cars programs are an increasingly popular way to convert unwanted cars into money! Cars Removed for Free offers a hassle free way to get rid of unused machines, which may lead to a boosted pocket. If a car has been sitting too long and is driving up your insurance costs, then it’s time to part with it and make some extra money in the process. Car owners are free to advertise however they like but Cash for Cars programs have made selling the old vehicle more convenient and safe than ever before. All you have to do is fill out the online form and Cars Removed for Free will take care of the rest! Give yourself extra spending money today with Cars Removed for Free’s convenient Cash for Cars program. Cars Removed for Free

If you have a car that’s been sitting around and collecting dust, now is the time to do something about it. Book online today to arrange for free removal of your vehicle, often on the same day you book. You’ll experience the satisfaction of freeing up space on your property and helping the environment by taking an unneeded car off the road. Plus, you may be able to make some money in return if your vehicle is worth something. So don’t wait – book online now to get rid of your old car and start fresh.

Cash for Cars is an ideal solution if you need a quick and easy way to get rid of an old, outdated car. At Cash for Cars, we provide the highest cash value for your vehicle even if it doesn’t run or needs repair. We make sure to offer competitive prices that beat out any other companies in town. Plus, our customer service team is always available to answer your questions and help guide you through the process. You’ll never have worry about trying to sell a used car again with Cash for Cars at your disposal!


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