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Cash for Electric Forklift

Cash for Electric Forklift

Cash for Electric Forklift

Sell My Electric Forklift Today.

Gold Coast – Brisbane – Queensland Area

Selling an Electric Forklift may seem like an expensive task, but let me tell you how you can PROFIT from the disposal of you Used Forklift. Give me a call today to get a value on your lifter. 

Get an Valuation in 2 Hours

Submit Enquiry in 1 Step.

You Never Know! It might be worth more then you’d think!

Purchased under All Circumstances...

Cash for Forklifts

Dead Battery?

Sure! We buy Electric Forklifts with or Without Functional Batteries! Any Condition, Any Age!

Destroyed Wheels?

Wheels have de-laminated and are destroyed? Not a concern! We will still buy your Used Electric Forklift in that Condition.

Electrical Issues?

Not to worry! This is our specialty. We will still purchase the Forklift from you, with or without running electrical motors!

Sell my Electric Forklift

Not Complete?

We will Buy Your Electric Forklift Complete or Not! Submit the Enquiry Today to find out just how much its worth.

How we are able to pay the most for Forklifts?

Cash for Electric Forklift.



We can recover a lot of the cost of the removal of the unit in the weight of the metal. 


Resale Value

As a hobby, our boss likes to repair and re sell the Forklifts back onto the work force!


Its our Niche.

We have the equipment, patience and experience to effectively remove and re-allocate these assets. 

Paid and Removed within 24 Hours.

Cash for Electric Forklift Today.

Top Cash Paid

Southport Wreckers pays the most for Old, Unwanted, Used or Abused Electric Forklifts. 

Free Removal

Don’t let hidden fees take away from the amount of money you ACTUALLY receive from a Tow Truck Driver. We are Fee-Less. 

Flexible Hours

We can organise the removal at any time, any day of the week. Our flexible drivers specialise in providing a streamlined experience. 


With extensive experience in the Auto Electrician Industry, our team of qualified forklift experts provide the perfect opportunity to quickly and effectively provide you with the Cash for Electric Forklift Service. 

We are the #1 option if you are looking to ‘Sell my Electric Forklift”. We can remove and pay for your forklift within 24 hours of your first contact. 

Get in contact today to get a obligation free valuation. 

Sell my Electric Forklift
Cash for Electric Forklift
Sell my Electric Forklift

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