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Fast Car Removal

Welcome to Southport Wreckers! If you’re looking to find someone that offers money and Fast Car Removal, then you have come to the right place! We take the fuss and hassle out of selling your car, and offer free tow-away services! Fast Car Removal

No Roadworthy or Safety certificate sales, & you keep your registration plates! We buy in all condition, any age, at any time in the day! 

Submit a form submission on your right (or below) to find out just how much we might PAY YOU for your car! Quick Car Removal can be done in as little as one hour! We pick up your car for free, and pay you cash! We are the number one Speed Car Removal service in QLD & NSW. Call now 0n 55396655

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Why Choose Southport Wreckers for Fast Car Removal?

Fast & Reliable

Reliable, Austrian service. Always on time, and always pay the discussed Cash value. We guarantee that the price that Quick Car Removal quotes, is the price you get paid.

We Pay More!

Don't settle for less! Southport Wreckers pays significantly more for Fast Car Removal, as we wreck them, and don't just crush them!

Over the Phone Consultations

Call to discuss possible options for you. We like to assist our customers make smart choices. Speed Car Removal are Australian owned, & Friendly Staff.

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Step by Step Process


I just want this car gone, can you come and get it now?

Sure! We offer a guaranteed Free removals service no matter what the condition of the vehicle is in. Call 55396655 for the fastest way to get it done!

You pay me cash and remove my car for free?..

That’s right! We pay up to $15 000 in Cash for Cars that are no longer driven, run out of rego, or blown up. It doesn’t matter what condition or age. We are the leading Fast Car Removal Service in QLD & NSW

Im not sure if I should wreck my car, or fix it and sell it?

We are glad that you have questioned this! We are experts in determining what avenue is most financially sensible when it comes to getting your car sold. Give Quick Car Removals a call to discuss this further…

What sort of Paperwork or documentation is needed?

As we are a licensed motor dealer, we can acquire cars with little documentation. However, we will conduct a PPSR (Personal Properties Register Search) and confirm that the car is not stolen or under finance.

So the tow truck is definitely free?

Absolutely! The TOW costs are paid for with the value of your car! Most cars whether they’re completely damaged, or blown, still contain some value… That’s what we play off. 

I'm not sure who owns the car, buts it sat for a while

Unfortunately, at this stage, we are unable to tow cars such as the one mentioned above. However, if you get the owners permission, we can remove the car for you.

We'll help you get your lawn back...

Speed Car Removals are quick to act… you can sit back, relax, and let us remove your car from wherever it is, in whatever condition. 

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