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Get Money for my Old Car

Cash For Cars Gold Coast

Convert Old, Unwanted, Used or Abused Cars, Trucks, 4×4 and Commercial into $350 – $10 000 CASH Today

BONUS $50 Voucher with all Local Purchases

In order to ‘Get Money for my Old Car’, its important that you first understand the value of such a vehicle. As the car is old and usually poor condition, the car becomes ‘undesirable’, rendering the car almost valueless. This is because of the tendency of human nature to pursue what they want, and not what they need. 

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Get Money for my Old Car

Battling the Foreign Export Market

Consider Australian Locals First! Selling your car to foreign merchants often means your car will be sent overseas and outside of the Australian Economy. This makes it hard for the average Australian individual to source car parts. Before you sell your car to a export business, think about the impact it may have on the local industry! 


Get money for your old car today with Any Condition, Any Age Cash for Cars! We buy cars of all shapes, sizes and conditions whether it has body damage or not. Get the best cash price for your clunker and say goodbye to repair costs. So don’t wait another day – sell your old car quick and easy with Any Condition, Any Age Cash for Cars! Get cash you can put towards a new ride or other things you want. Get ready to make more room in the garage–Any Condition, Any Age Cash for Cars is your one-stop solution to get money for your old car!

Using Southport Wreckers Instead you are:
  • Selling your car to a Greater Cause
  • Helping keep the Australian Economy flourishing
  • Contributing to the Local Spare Parts Market
  • Selling to Australian Citizens. 
  • Receiving a $50 Appreciation Voucher
  • Receiving personalised support
  • Keeping it Aussie! 
  • Receiving the Highest Cash Payout’s + Get Money for my Old Car
Southport Wreckers

Get Money for my Old Car

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Cash for Cars Gold Coast

Historical Cash for Cars Payouts:

Southport Wreckers are able to pay the Most + Get Money for my Old Car because we are predominantly a dismantler! This means that we have an extra avenue of income, allowing us to not only recycle the car body, but the car parts also! 

Get Money for My Old Car

Get cash for your old car today with our tailored services! Whether it needs a full makeover or none at all, we have the personalised solutions to make it happen. Get top dollar for any car you’re selling – no matter the age or condition. Get money, get rid of an old clunker, and breathe easy knowing you made the right call. Let us take care of everything so you can keep moving forward with confidence. Get the tailored service experience today with Get Money for My Old Car – let us help you get back on the road in no time! Get Money for My Old Car


Get the most money for your old car with a quick and easy process. Get an instant online offer in minutes to see how much you can get right away with no hassle. Get a guaranteed price after appraisal and pick up of your car, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. Get cash when you need it on the spot, with free towing and paperwork. Get money for your old car quickly and easily today!


Cash for Cars is the ideal option for anyone looking to get great value out of their old vehicle. Cash offers are often cost effective, since no repairs need to be made before making a sale on the spot. This can not only save you time and energy, but a lot of money too! Cash for Cars is an easy and fast way to size up your car’s worth and make sure you get your money’s worth in real time, no strings attached.


When it comes to getting a great deal on your old car, no one does it better than Southport Wreckers. This leading supplier of buying and selling used vehicles has served customers across the United States for over 15 years. Our main goal is to provide excellent service when it comes to purchasing used cars and trucks. We have thousands of satisfied clients who love our straightforward approach and quick, hassle-free transactions. Whether you’re in it for the money or just looking to clear out your garage, Southport Wreckers is the perfect choice: we take all makes and models, even if they’re not running! Call us today to find out more about how this leading cash for cars supplier can help you get moving again. Get Money for My Old Car


You can make a huge contribution towards looking after the environment by recycling your car. It’s safe, convenient and less expensive than other disposal options. We can recycle parts such as batteries, tires, fluids and more for reuse in other vehicles. And besides being an eco-friendly solution, recycling your car leaves more money in your pocket with no hazardous waste created during the process. So why not make this simple yet effective decision; recycle your car today and join the global effort to protect our planet!

Get Money for My Old Car


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