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Car Parts, Mechanical Servicing and Cheapest Pricing all Under One Roof? Thats Right! 

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Fair & Transparent Pricing

When Competition is High, It’s the guys with the most connections that can offer the most competitive prices… Southport Wreckers has top quality genuine car parts stored on site on just over an acre of land directly in the center of the Gold Coast!

Fast, Straight forward & Reassuring

Time is saved when you cut the Fat! Southport Wreckers Stores all of the necessary Parts on site and has fine-tuned processes which attempt to see the absolute fastest work rate physically achievable by man.

Happiness is always Guaranteed

Here at Southport Wreckers our Aim is the Help Out the General Gold Coast and Surrounding Public by offering services that are easy to understand, financially achievable and finally, the friendliest service around!

General Repairs - Major or Minor

Ranging from Minor to Major, Southport Wreckers Cheap Mechanic System allows us to provide quality mechanical repairs on hundreds of vehicles per week whilst still maintaining attractive pricing and flexibility!

Tires, Brakes & Bearings

Tires, Brakes and Bearing’s still too this day remain the most wearing component of a cars driveline! Here at Southport Wreckers our ‘Cheap Mechanic’ program allow us to provide quality repairs to the gold coast public by utilising second hand and brand new after-market products in the repairs!

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Body and Driveline - Smash Repairs

The Same as “Buying in Bulk”, Southport Wreckers “Stores in Bulk!”. This is how we are able to provide such quality repairs and parts at such terrifically low prices! Pop in and have a chat with us and learn just how you can save hundreds on your next body and driveline repair!

Mechanic Gold Coast

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Engine Replacements

Starting From
$ 650 Engine Fitment Only
  • Oils & Seals
  • Progress Updates
  • Engines Available in House

General Servicing

Starting From
$ 75 Oil + Filter + Inspection
  • Oil Filter
  • Log Book Servicing
  • Free Underbody Inspection
The Boys and Girls at Southport Wreckers surprised me with their absolute dedication for customer satisfaction. I thought the repairs to my car were going to cost a fortune but Southport Wreckers kept the cost as low as possible by integrating second hand parts with new parts. Would highly recommend!
Used Car Parts Wreckers
William Mack

Professional staff are able to fit any part purchased too your car in unbelievable time, saving you money and stress! 

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Professional - Organised & Clean

Saves Both Time & your Money!

Re-shaping what is the 'Wrecking Game'

Southport Wreckers understands times are changing and Small businesses have begun altering their general procedures in order to keep up with both their competition and the consumer expectation and consequently, we have done the same! 

Starting with a Brand New Marketing Strategy, We have begun increasing our knowledge and expertise in each Automotive area with our newly introduced “specialist employees”. Each employ has their own special knowledge base in which they drive sales, make purchases, give their own independent evaluations and quotes on. 

By implicating this new strategy, dramatic changes have been seen within the company, with little to no returns, complaints or unsettled business. By having this extra time and options our hands, we are now able to have a wider variety of stock and flow throughout the yard. More stock flow = lower prices and higher second hand part quality! 

Additionally to this, Southport Wreckers has recently gone ONLINE! By Utilising eBay – Australia, we have had great success with growing the business even further, stretching out beyond the Gold Coast and Sending Quality Used Car Parts all around Australia! You Must come see the HUGE changes happening at Southport Wreckers Today! 


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