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Mechanic Near Me

Welcome to Southport Wreckers! If you’re looking for a ‘Mechanic Near Me’ then you have come to the right place! We are the leading provider of Cheap Mechanical Services on the Gold Coast! Servicing over 25 cars a week, from complete engine rebuilds, to Engine replacements, we do it all! We may not be the Nearest Mechanic, but I guarantee you won’t regret the extra distance from your local mechanic!

Mechanic Near Me

With over 40 years since we opened, we have got our processes down pack. We understand what the customers want with their ‘Auto Shops Near Me’ and we are sure that you will be happy with the service you receive.

We have all of our own stock on shelf, which allows for fast turn-arounds and cheaper total cost. So next time someone asks you if you know of any ‘Car Repair shops Near Me’, send them in our direction. The First Car Inspection is on us, free of charge.



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Why is Southport Wreckers the best choice for a 'Mechanic Near Me' ?

Warranty and Experience

Southport Wreckers has 14 Qualified Experience individuals that specialise in many different areas of Automotive Repair. Combining together, we can tackle any task necessary.

Cost Effective

Mechanical Repairs isn't the sole area of our business and we view it as a convenience gesture and less as something to be profited of. We pay the bills by selling the parts, and fit the parts to make the customer happy!

Auto Shop Near Me Helpline

Instead of calling a Tow Truck Company, Get used to calling us! We can come out, pick up your car, take it back to the shop, fix it and return it back to you in a few hours *depending on the circumstance.

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Services we offer:

  • Engine Fitting and Removals
  • Transmission Installs, Repairs, Fitments
  • Starter Motor
  • Alternators
  • Batteries
  • Lighting
  • Brakes
  • Clutch and Steering,
  • Radiator & Cooling Systems
  • Tires / Tyres
  • Upgrades
  • Safety Certificates
  • Panel Repairs
  • Power Steering Pump Replacement
  • Wiper Mechanisms, Motors
  • Switches, Controls, Windows, Regulators
  • Headlights Electrical 


So you guys stock the parts you repair?

That’s right! Not only do we repair and fix 100’s of cars a month, we are also a fully sized wrecking yard situated in the centre of the Gold Coast! We are your One Stop Car repair Shops Near Me! We have complete cars here that have all the parts you can dream of for your car.

Does your work come with warranty?

Yes! Depending on the type of work being done, and where the part was sourced from, our warranty is from 1 month to 3 month. If you purchase an Engine of us, and have us install it, it comes with a 101 day warranty! 

Auto Shop Near Me

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Are you chasing something else instead?

Used Car Parts

Southport Wreckers is the largest distributor of Used Car Parts on the Gold Coast. You can find the Used Car Part by using our Parts Checker. 

Second Hand Gearbox

If your in the market to have your Second Hand Gearbox Repaired, head on over to our Gearbox Specific Page to find out more about pricing and potentially booking your car in for an appointment. 

Used Car Alternator

If your chasing Alternator Repairs – Head on over to our Used Car Alternator Page to checkout what we stock! 

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