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Mitsubishi Wreckers

Welcome to Southport Wreckers! We are the leading Mitsubishi Wreckers on the Gold Coast with over 250 Wrecks and 1000’s of Mitsubishi Spare Parts. Come see our friendly team of 20 years’ experience parts dismantlers today to find out how muchMitsubishi Wreckers your Mitsubishi Parts are going to cost.

We can even fit these car parts to your vehicle TODAY for cheap! Mitsubishi Spare Parts like Gearbox’s and Wing mirrors, to Engines and Rims, we stock it all! Are you chasing Mitsubishi Used Car Parts? We are your safest bet for having it all!

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Mitsubishi Wreckers

Southport Wreckers is the Leading Mitsubishi Wreckers

Fast & Reliable Service

Reliable, Trustworthy and Dependable. We place a lot of emphasis and time into making sure that your experience at Southport Wreckers is as good as possible.

Cheapest Mitsubishi Wreckers Gold Coast!

We are no specialist Mitsubishi Wreckers, so they're may be times when we are not able to make deals, but we guarantee that MOST of the time, we will offer the best price!

Over the Phone Consultations

Ask for FREE mechanical Advice over the phone! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask and we will do our best to help you determine what part you need!

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Mitsubishi Spare Parts

We will assist you to get your Mitsubishi fixed in no time. Mitsubishi Wreckers.

Mitsubishi Spare Parts – Southport Wreckers has it all! Give us a call today! or book an appointment Now! 

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