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Sell your Holden Astra

Sell your Holden Astra today! Get paid up to $1000 for Any Astra, in Any Condition!

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Sell your Holden Astra

Wondering how to sell your Astra? Here is your best option!

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Cash for Holden Astra

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Sell My Astra

Here at Southport Wreckers, you can get huge cash for your Holden Astra in minutes! 

Why sell your Holden Astra?

Holden Astras are notoriously unreliable for many reasons. Whilst at face value they may seem like a good car per dollar, its because they have built up a large list of common issues and problems with both the engine, and other electrical components of the overall system. 

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Common FAQ about holden astras

Due to there design, Holden Astras are well known to have engine issues with many people asking how to fix “engine problems with my astra”.. When Opel / Cheveleot designed the Astra, it was originally aimed at the european market only… The cold climate almost aided the car, allowing it to stay cool, and remain moderately reliable.

Once it was imported into the Australian Market, with the added heat, and humidity, the negative characteristics begun to show their colours. Cooling system issues begun to show up, with exploding pipes, splitting radiators, and blowing astra head gaskets! 

“I’m wondering if my car is truly not worth fixing?” This question is herd a lot in the industry!  

It’s a fair question! Holden Astras have a market value between $1000 – $5000 dollars… But if you have bit hit with a massive repair, you may need to weigh up the pro’s and con’s associated with the car. 

Having issues with your electrical system in your Astra? We feel you! They’re two options.. 

Replace your entire electrical system with a new ecu, key kit, and body control module or, scrap your car, and buy another one!

Electrical issues are very common in Astra’s and it can cause catasthropic effect on your cars drivability. The bill to replace such electrical equipment could be in excess of $500 – $1000. 



To us, cars of a Holden Astra’s calibre / price range are valued by there reliability.. 

Unfortunately for Holden, Astras have collected a very bad name surrounding there astra and barina’s. 

I would say that any astra with kilometres over 150 000, will be hard to sell at all. Anything under that is still worth $3000 – $5000 dollars aslong as it doesnt have any issues.

As mentioned previously, we believe if you are looking to get rid of your astra to a scrap yard, it could be worth between $350 – $1000. 


Sure! We are capable of picking up your car on a truck, and taking it to our shop to scrap. That means that you get paid for your astra within minutes, and have it removed from your premises for Free!

Yes its very common. We get calls everyday with people mentioning ‘hot steam coming out of there bonnet’. Usually this means you have popped a pipe, or a radiator etc. Its a problem, because it means the head gasket has probably been damaged as well.

Yes we buy these too! Damaged and Crashed Astra’s are still worth scrap money to us, and shouldn’t be considered as rubbish just yet! We pay up to $1000 for Smashed, Crashed or Bashed Holden Astra Vehicles! Get in contact us with us today to get a valuation. 


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