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Can you deliver to my House?

All Parts and Accessories can be delivered anywhere in Australia. Engines and Transmissions can only be delivered to a Commercial Address (business).

Whats the Warranty Terms for Used Engines? 

Please see our Warranty Page for more information on Warranty.

How do I order car parts?

Please email with your Car Parts Enquiry. 

How do I return a Part / Engine

Email Southport Wreckers @ to Request to Return. 

Do you Offer Local Pickup?

Yes Local pickup can be selected on checkout. Then, we will call you when the item is ready to be picked up etc. Nothing is available on the same say so please do not show up.

Does it need to be fitted by a Mechanic?

Yes. In order to qualify for the 2 Month Warranty the correct precautions must be taken when fitting or installing our items.

How do I Order Car Parts?

Please email with your Car Parts Enquiry. 

Can you source other parts for me not on your list?

Yes all Parts are Available if an Email is Submitted to


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