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Welcome to Southport Wreckers! We are one of the leading Wreckers on the Gold Coast that specifically offers high quality, Second Hand Engine Replacement at competitive rates! Starting from just $700, we will remove your old engine, and re-install a new on from our yard! This keeps the process straightforward and stops mechanical shops from upselling your products to you they’ve purchased from other wreckers anyway. Engine Replacement Cost

If you’re in the market for a Second Hand Engine, then you have come to the right place! We stock all Makes and Models, with over 400 On-Shelf Ready to go Petrol and Diesel Car Engines for Sale. Some of the Makes Include Ford Engines for Sale, Holden Engines for sale and Toyota Engines for Sale. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg! We stock All makes and All Models, so you can be sure to find what you need here!

If you’d like to see a comprehensive list of every Used Car Engine that we stock, please visit our eBay Store page and make your search. Alternatively, If you’d like to simple Contact Us, we can give personalised advertise on the steps to take.

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Why Choose Southport Wreckers For Second Hand Engines?

Experience and Diversification

Southport Wreckers is your One Stop Shop for all of your Automotive Enquiries. We have some of the most experienced in the trade Mechanics around, ranging from General Servicing to Major Swap outs.

Cheap, Yet effective

Our Engine Replacement Cost is lower than others because of a few different reasons. This is because: #1 We recycle your old Engine, #2 We have all of the equipment ready to go, requiring no modification to our area & #3, It's all we do!

Answer all Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Car Engines for Sale, then feel free to give us a call to discuss them.

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How to know when Your Second Hand Engines requires Replacement?


Do you guys offer towing services?

Sure, but only in the immediate area around southport. Anything beyond 15 kms we subcontract tow truck drivers to pick up our cars for us. If you’d like us to organise a Tow Truck to have a car brought to us for an Engine Replacement, give us a call. 

Can I continue to drive with a noisy or overheating engine

Its best not to, as continuing to drive on bad bearings, low oil pressure, or an overheating engine will cause more permanent damage than originally. Eventually the motor will stop completely, and will never be able to recover from their. 

Second Hand Engines

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View and Decide on your Used Car Engine by Visiting our Ebay Store Now. We Have Toyota Engines for Sale, Ford Engines for Sale and Holden Engines for Sale.

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Southport Wreckers is the largest distributor of Used Car Parts on the Gold Coast. You can find the Used Car Part by using our Parts Checker. 

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We have over 1000 Used Car Tires on site! Check to see if we have what you need by heading over to our Used Car Tires Page.

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Southport Wreckers has 8 Post style Hoists with two Licensed Mechanics on site 6 Days a week! Click on this Link to be taken to our Mechanical Repairs Quote Page. 

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