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Welcome to Southport Wreckers! If you’re in the market for a Second Hand Gearbox, then you have come to the right place! Getting a Gearbox price, and then having it installed for you has never been easier! We are the leading Gearbox Supplier, and Gearbox Repairs Wrecking Yard on the Gold Coast! Gearbox Specialist

Visit our eBay Store to see a complete list of all the Gearbox for Sale on our site! There you can determine what the gearbox itself is going to cost, and, how much it’s going to cost to fit it!

Southport Wreckers has all Makes and Models and performs Major and Minor Mechanical Gearbox servicing on just about anything! Click on the Contact Us Page to get in contact with us to get your Gearbox Price Today!


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Why Choose Southport Wreckers For Second Hand Gearbox Specialist?

Warranty and assurance

Professional, Warrantied and Secure. Our Gearbox Repair Mechanics are 30+ Year Mechanics who do this every day! Your Bet is safe with them!

Cheaper then Most!

This is what we do all day every day! We have 1000's of used gearbox's sitting around for All Makes and Models! It's cheaper keeping it all under the same roof. Save all the running around!

Answer all Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a Gearbox Price, Gearbox for sale of possibly booking in gearbox Repair, give us a call today!

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How to Diagnose a possible Second Hand Gearbox Failure.


How long does a Second Hand Gearbox Install?

Typically a Used Gearbox Install would take 5-6 Hours depending on the Make and Model. Rear Wheel drive as a majority are easier and less time consuming, but of course they’re some outliers that may take much longer. 

How long will a noisy Gearbox Last?

It’s all relative to the make and Model, and ofcourse, the way its been driven. However we can assume that a noisy gearbox with bad bearings will last and be drivable for at least a few months. No guarantee though. Allow a Gearbox Specialist to check it over for you.

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Checkout all of our Gearbox for Sale by Visiting our Ebay Store Now. We are are Gearbox Specialist, and can get your a Gearbox Price Fast!

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