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Hello and Welcome to Southport Wreckers! We are one of the leading providers of Starter Motors on the Gold Coast! If you are in the market for a Second Hand Starter Motor, then head over to our Used Car Parts Submission Page to get a quick over email Quote Today!Used Starter Motor


Southport wreckers stocks most Makes and Models, so you can be fairly sure that they will stock just what you need, for a fraction of the price of buying new! We stock both New, and Second-Hand Starter Motors.

Southport Wreckers offers Australia wide shipping on all of her car parts. If you require postage, it is suggested that you first try searching our Ebay Store. There you will find what we stock, and how much for. We also offer free postage on most of our items. 

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Why Choose Southport Wreckers For Used Starter Motors?

Warranty and assurance

All Used Starter Motors from Southport Wreckers come with a guaranteed 30 day warranty, with some exceptions leaving with a 60 day warranty.

Cheaper then Most!

Due to our stockflow, we are able to sell some of the lesser popular alternators very cheap! However, some Starter Motors with higher demand we promise we have, but for a little bit of a premium price.

Answer all Questions

If you have any issues with your Used Car Starter Motors just give us a call! Free Advise.

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How to Diagnose a Starter Motor Problem


Are the Starters hard to fit?

Generally speaking, Yes. most starter motors are situated in places that are hard to access without either moving other out of the road, or using specialized equipment likes hoists to access hard to get to areas. 

Is there anyway to start my car if my starter motor has bust?

Is there anyway to start my car if my starter motor has bust? Yes! If you drive a manual car, you always have the option to roll start your car down a hill. Be mindful of other traffic and pedestrians in the area.

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Southport Wreckers is the largest distributor of Used Car Parts on the Gold Coast. You can find the Used Car Part by using our Parts Checker. 

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We have over 1000 Used Car Tires on site! Check to see if we have what you need by heading over to our Used Car Tires Page.

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Southport Wreckers has 8 Post style Hoists with two Licensed Mechanics on site 6 Days a week! Click on this Link to be taken to our Mechanical Repairs Quote Page. 

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