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Used Tires Gold Coast. 1000's of Tires.. Buy Directly of the Supplier at Crazy Prices..

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Used Tires Gold Coast

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What Makes our Service Different?

With over 40 Year of Customer Service experience, Southport Wreckers has built up a returning customer base like no other small business in its Industry, Period!

We pride ourselves on having the absolute best Used Car Tires Gold Coast and continue to replace up to 30 sets per day!

With Excellent warranty policies, discounts for returning customers & excellent flexibility in services, it makes no sense to source your Used Car Tires Gold Coast anywhere else! Used Car Tires Gold Coast has over 1000 Tires on Site Ready to Go!

We give our customers the ability to walk through our racks and pick and choose there Used Tires Gold Coast themselves! 

What else do we offer other then Used Tires Gold Coast?

Used Tires Gold Coast doesn’t just offer tires! We also stock many Factory Standard Rims to suit many vehicles!

Although we don’t stock alloy rims, we do however stock steel rims to suit Most models! Simply send a request to Used Tires Gold Coast and we can check our inventory within minutes! Give us a call today!

So How Do I find out my Tire Size?

Used Tires Gold Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. What’s the difference between New and Second hand Tires? A. The Price! New Tires (like anything you buy new) have over inflated prices! This is because of HUGE overhead Costs that Tire business face in the current economic times. However, tires are not our main profit area and we are OVERstocked and able to Sell at Ultra Competitive Prices! 
  2. Q. Is their any Safety Differences &/or Performance benefits by buying new? A. Of Course there is! But like anything, you pay for what you get.. If you are racing your car on a track, or go a little faster then you should on a regular basis, I would always recommend buying a higher quality tire then most that we stock on our shelves. However, if you drive composed and in control the majority of the time and your looking to save and spend wisely, we are your BEST option!

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