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Welcome to Southport! If you’re chasing Automatic Transmission Repair, or you’re just looking for a Transmission Shop Near Me, then you have come to the right place! We are the leading providers of Used Transmissions for sale, in and around the Gold Coast!

Second Hand Transmission

Having a functioning Transmission is one the most crucial elements of your driveline, as it is the direct point of exchange between the energy being generated from your engine, and the ground. A slipping Automatic Transmission can be dangerous for you, your passengers and the cars around you!

Visit our Ebay Store to find our prices, availability and Delivery Cost for all of our Transmissions. If you’re looking to just simply give us a call to talk about Transmission repair, then Visit our Contact Us Page to find our details.

Our experts can talk to you about Transmission Repair Cost, whether or not we have a Second Hand Transmission in stock for you and find a date to slot you in for your service.

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Why Choose Southport Wreckers to Find Automatic Transmissions for Sale ?

Warranty and Assurance

Strict Testing procedures that guarantee product success and customer satisfaction, everytime! Every Used Transmission for Sale is Road Tested and Condition Inspected!

The Most Stock

Due to our massive stock flow of Salvage Cars, we have just about every make and Model! This means that if you give us a call now, we almost always will have what you require!

Answer all Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Transmission Repair Cost of other Transmissions shop near me, just give us a call and we can help you out!

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How to Diagnose whether you need Transmission Repair.


A used Transmission will cost more then my car is worth? What should I do?

At this point, you need to establish if the repairs are worth doing… A car is hard to sell with Mechanical problems no doubt… However, there is no point spending $1100 on a car to get it ready to sell, when the ticket price at the market value is lesser or equivalent to that! That is why we also offer Cash for Cars services. We buy cars As-is where is and pay your Cash no questions asked! 

Can I still drive a car with a Broken Transmission?

As-long as the car still drives, and there’s no immediate danger to you or pedestrians, then there is no reason why you can’t still drive your car within reasonable amounts. The cars transmission while it is a high wearing component, has safety measures inbuilt to combat slipping and gears missing etc etc. You should only use this function moving from one place to another when organising Transmission Repair at a Transmission Shop Near Me. 

Transmission Shop Near Me

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